are e-cigarettes safe!
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An e-cigarette is an alternative to a normal cigarette which can be found at the vape store. The purpose of introducing the e-cigarette was to help smokers quit smoking cigarettes full of tobacco and other more than 4000 hazardous chemicals. The common idea is that it helps in quitting smoking but many people are concerned about its effect on health. Even if someone quits smoking by the use of an e-cigarette, would he or she be safe from other harmful effects of the new equipment?

Many researches are carried out on this topic to find out the truth behind the use of this amazing instrument. Two years back in 2014, the World Health Organization declared that the e-cigarettes possessed potential risk to the human health. Other than this, many scientists have experimented with the chemicals used in the e-cigarette and studied their effects. Although they have a lesser degree effect on the human body as compared to the cigarette but in the long run, they’ll also damage the human body. The adverse effect of the e-liquids include problems like coughing irritation of the airways, increased heart rate, chest pain, nausea, vomiting and few other related problems. Although not every e-cigarette user experiences these problems but many of them do.

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